iOS Native App Design

Team Members:

Miranda Shilati  Project Manager, UX Designer

Brittany Nichols   Scrum Master, UX Designer

Rudy Valdivia   UX Designer


Diadem is a sports prop-betting app in the pre-launch phase. We were tasked with designing a fun and friendly experience for users that reduces the intimidation for novice bettors, while still being engaging for more experienced bettors.

9 user interviews were conducted; 7 over the phone, 2 in-person


Social Experience

  • Users will download an app based on friends recommendations

  • People use sports apps that their friends have seen success with 

  • Users like the community aspect of sports betting:

    • Community created through:

      • Trash talking, competition against each other, strategizing the outcome of a play.

Higher Game Engagement

  • Users are more invested in sports when betting is involved

  • The potential to win or lose money makes sporting events more exciting

  • Users like to test their ability to understand the strategy of the game

No Clutter

  • The betting process needs to be an enjoyable experience.

  • Users don't want to be overwhelmed by the amount of clutter or information on a screen

    • Users want to see

  • Users want to easily find what they are looking for


Jason, 29

Baltimore, MD

Hospitality Management

"Sports Novice and

Inexperienced Bettor"

  • Be more engaged with sports in a fun way

  • Discover new social experiences

  • Explore betting without taking big risks

  • Hates to weave through excessive information when using an app.

  • Is skeptical of the security on most apps

  • Gets easily distracted by information overload on apps

Pain Points
  • Hates to weave through excessive information when using an app.

  • Is skeptical of the security on most apps

  • Gets easily distracted with information overload on apps

Feature Prioritization
Sign Up Screen
  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Date of Birth
  • Bank account information
  • Social Security Number
Lobbies Screen
  • Sports / League options
  • Search Bar
  • Current games being played
  • Navigation Tab Bar
  • Available funds notification
Gameplay Screens
  • Live odds updates
  • Countdown to lock answer
  • Wager amount customization
  • Wager confirmation
  • Live chatting
Betting Habits
Amongst men who gamble online, 73% bet on sports
58% of all online gambling is placed on sports
1 in every 12 men suffer from some form of colorblindness
Blue-Yellow Colorblindness (tritanomaly, tritanopia) is rarer than Red-Green but not as rare as complete colorblindness
Teal and orange colors are easily distinguished by people with deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia colorblindness. It was therefore important to use these colors in the app when making monetary wager choices to clearly see and distinguish how money is being played.
Red-Green Colorblindness is the most common form due to the loss or limited function of the red or green cone.
(Types of Red-Green colorblindness: Protanomaly, Protanopia, Deuteranomaly, Deuteranopia)
Knowing that the primary user will likely be male, we wanted to design around accessible features affecting colorblindness as it more likely to affect men.
Wireframing and Usability Testing

The three  main areas we wanted to focus on for design were:

  1. The onboarding / Sign up process

  2. The Main Lobbies screen

  3. Gameplay

Onboarding and Sign Up
Initial Designs

In looking at the Onboarding/ Sign up process, we initially had three screens of graphics to walk through what the app does, followed by multiple screens to sign up - which even included personal info like scanning IDs, adding bank accounts, and social security info. And this was all before accessing gameplay.


Consistently the feedback from users was that they were highly unlikely to sign up for an app that requires all that info without seeing how it works at first.

Second Round

So we established for the second round that 1) the onboarding itself wasn’t providing the right info for the users to understand how the app works and 2) that we need to give them access to the game in order for them to feel comfortable enough to attach personal info.


So we decided to embed a video that shows how the game works would be a better hook, and then we created a way for them to initially register with just an email address and password which would give them free play access - and then they could add their bank and social security info when they were ready to play for money.

Sign Up for Account
Main Lobbies (home screen)
Initial Design

In the initial round, we wanted to keep the design more minimal and not include photo imagery. But based on testing, we could see from the user's body language, how they were navigating the task, and through post-test interviews that they were overwhelmed by the number of items they were reading and the text-heavy list format.

Second Round

For the following rounds, we integrated imagery and saw improvement in the navigation abilities as well as the satisfaction scores given by the users. We also kept the scope of the games listed to currently active games, or games coming up within the hour as opposed to the full schedule of the day.

Initial Design

In the initial round, we set up a timer bar at the top with 4 multiple choice answers listed under the question. The set up was received positively in testing and minimal edits were made in subsequent rounds of testing.

Second Round

The most significant change made was to move the wager confirmation across the bottom. The reasoning for this change was to make the button more centralized, prominent and equally accessible to both lefty and righty users. Furthermore, we opted to change the nav bar at the bottom in order to main consistency throughout the app experience.

Click Image to
View Prototype
Next Steps

One more round of testing to verify changes to the current prototype are in fact, improvements for the user


Designing/ building out Profiles and Account Settings pages along with Refer a Friend and Gameplay Rules


Exploring Push Notifications, and settings and timing transition screens during gameplay


Explore SSN options. Still a point of concern for most users


Testing once all components are completed prior to launch.